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Hundreds and hundreds of songs have been written about the moon throughout history. In fact, the moon is one of the most sung about themes. The Moon is described as: Golden, Yellow, Pink, Silvery, Black, Blue, Red, Amber, Cherry and even Neon. We've been singing about the Moon, dancing about it, dancing under it; Howling at the Moon and Barking at the Moon. And Apollo 17 astronauts sing while strolling on the moon.

Watch: I Was Strolling on the Moon One Day

(Apollo 17 astronauts Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt sing while walking on the moon)



Sometimes just invoking the image of the Moon in the name of a band is enough to capture attention such as the beautiful Canadian indie rock band "Half Moon Run", the French group, "Fool Moon," and the groups "Moon Riders" and "Poor Moon". And then again there is the alternative pop quartet Walk the Moon with there energetic dance music.

The Moon will continue its serenade, whether the music is Jazz inspired or Bluegrass; classical music, rock or punk; from Frank Sinatra's, "Fly me to the Moon," or Bob Dylan's rendition of Sinatra's "Full Moon and Empty Arms" to Elvis Presley's, "Blue Moon". Whether the Moon sings in Sir Thomas of Peeping's medieval ballard "Uponst Thy Glorious Moon I Hath Gazed", Native American Chants or Cat Steven's "Moonshadow," the Moon shines on, in the genres and songs of today. Here are some of those Moon tunes:

A Collection of Moon Tunes:

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Native American

The moon featured prominently in the life of the Native American Indian culture giving us such beautiful Native American chants as the ones below.

Dancing Under the Moon - Native American Chant

Coyote Moon - Native American Chant

The Moon - Red Sky - Native American Chant Meditation




  1. Aria of the Moon - Petr Cvikl (Czech Musician)
  2. Aries Moon - Dennis Ruff (1938)
  3. Au Clair de Lune ("By The Light of The Moon")- Debussy
  4. Boro Budur in Moonlight- Leopold Godowsky (1870-1938)
  5. Moonlight Sonata- Ludwig Von Beethoven (1801)
  6. Moon Love - Andante Cantabile, Adapted from the Tchaikovsky 5th Symphony 2nd Movement

  7. Tears of the Moon- Final Fantasy

  8. To the Moonlight- Edward MacDowell (1860-1908)


Ballads and Folk Music


  1. Calling the Moon- Dar Williams (folk/pop)

  2. Yareyahk (Moon) - Jewish Folk Song by Israel Gimel

  3. Nasyon Nagy Hold ("Very Big Moon"). A Hungarian peasant folk song

  4. The Golden Moon- Septimus Winner (1855)

  5. The Moon and St. Christopher- Mary-Chapin Carpenter

  6. The Rising of the Moon- Irish Folk Music

  7. Uponst Thy Glorious Moon I Hath Gazed- Sir Thomas of Peeping.

    (A medieval ballard later changed to Lament of the Black Eyed Troubadour.)



Pop and Rock


  1. A Better Moon - Ian Anderson (1998)
  2. A Crater To Cough In - Circle Takes The Square
  3. And the Moon Pulls the Tides Gently, Gently Away by the Jimi Hendrix Experience(1968)
  4. Bad Moon Rising- Creedance Clearwater Revival (1969)
  5. Bad Side of the Moon- Elton John (Music), Bernie Taupin (Lyrics)
  6. Bark at the Moon- Ozzie Osborne
  7. Beach On the Moon - Kurt Vile
  8. Black Moon- Emerson, Lake and Palmer, by Mike Le Voi (1992)
  9. Blue Moon- Originally Written by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart (1934). Remake by The Marcels, 1961.

  10. Brain Damage- Pink Floyd (1973) from the Dark Side of the Moon Album. Starts out "The Lunatic is in my head".
  11. "C" Moon- Paul McCartney (1972)
  12. Casablanca Moon- Slapp Happy (1974)
  13. Child Of The Moon - The Rolling Stones .
  14. Children Of The Moon - Alan Parsons (from the albumn "Eye In The Sky")
  15. Clouds across the moon - by The Rah Band
  16. Dance By The Light Of The Moon- by The Olympics (1960)
  17. Dancin in the moonlight - by the Irish band "Thin Lizzy" (watch the video)
  18. Desert Moon- Styx (Dennis DeYoung) 1984
  19. Destination Moon - They Might Be Giants (sequenced by Jim Alexander)
  20. Dracula Moon- Joan Osbourne
  21. Everyone's Gone To The Moon -Johnathan King (1968)
  22. Full Moon - Kinks
  23. Full Moon- Sonata Artica
  24. Goodnight Moon - by Shivaree
  25. Hallowed Moon - John Mills-Cockell
  26. Harvest Moon- Neil Young
  27. Heading For the Moon- Cyndi Lauper, Stephen Broughton Lunt, & A. Stead (1986)
  28. Here Comes the Moon- George Harrison
  29. Howling At The Moon - The Ramones
  30. Jokerman - Bob Dylan (sings about the moon)
  31. Kiko and the Lavender Moon- Los Lobos (1992)
  32. Kisses in the Moonlight- George Benson
  33. Last Man on the Moon by SR-71 (from the album "Now You See Inside")
  34. Light Of The Moon - by the Pretenders
  35. Low Red Moon - Belly
  36. Luna- Smashing Pumpkins
  37. Luna -Tom Petty
  38. Lying To The Moon - written by Matreca Berg (covered by Trisha Yearwood and also by Robin and Linda Williams)
  39. Man in the moon - Nils Lofgren, play the song (Youtube - video)
  40. Man on the Moon- R.E.M. (1992)
  41. Man on the Moon Video - Watch Bruce Springsteen/REM play the song (YouTube)
  42. Mandolin Moon - Sister Hazel
  43. Midnight Moonlight- Grateful Dead
  44. Mississippi Moon- Grateful Dead
  45. Moon At The Window - Joni Mitchell (1982) - Listen to the song (YouTube)
  46. Moon Circus - Meshe & Moon Circus
  47. Moon Crazy - Blue Oyster Cult (from the Mirrors album 1978)
  48. Moon Glow - Rod Stewart
  49. Moon On Ice - Yello
  50. Moonchild- Chris Cornnell
  51. Moonchild- Iron Maiden
  52. Moonchild- King Crimson
  53. Moondance- Van Morrison
  54. Moonlight and Vodka- Chris de Burgh, From Man on the Line (1984)
  55. Moonlight Desires - Gowan (feat. Jon Anderson) -1987
  56. Moonlight Memories of You - Barry Manilow
  57. Moonlight Mile - Rolling Stones
  58. Moonlight Sonata- Daryl Hall and John Oats
  59. Moon Rocks - by the Talking Heads
  60. Moonshadow- Cat Stevens
  61. Moonstone- Cat Stevens
  62. Moon Tears - by Grin (Nils Lofgren) - Youtube video
  63. Mr. Moonlight- Beatles (1965), originally written by Dr. Feelgood & the Interns
  64. Mr. Moonlight- Foreigner
  65. Mountains of the Moon- Grateful Dead (1969)
  66. Party on the Moon - Vanessa Anne Hudgens
  67. Picture Of The Moon - By Gary Moore
  68. Picasso Moon- Grateful Dead (1989)
  69. Poor Moon - Canned Heat
  70. Power Of Moonlite - By Tiger Army
  71. Rope Ladder to the Moon- Music by Jack Bruce of "Cream" and Peter Brown (Lyrics)
  72. Same Side Of The Moon - By Corine May
  73. Shadow on a Harvest Moon -by Everything But The Girl
  74. Shame On The Moon- Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band's (1983)
  75. Shepard Moon- Eric Clapton
  76. Shoot Down the Moon- Elton John (Music), Bernie Taupin (Lyrics)
  77. Shy of the Moon- Wallflowers
  78. Sister Moon - Sting (1987) , from the album Nothing Like the Sun (A&M)
  79. Sisters of the Moon - Stevie Nicks
  80. Song About the Moon- Paul Simon (1981)
  81. Standing on the Moon- Grateful Dead (1989)
  82. Surfer Moon - Brian Wilson, Beach Boys (1963) from the album Surfer Girl.
  83. Talking to the Moon - Bruno Mars
  84. Tears from the Moon - Conjure One & Sinead O'Connor
  85. The Moon - Cat Power
  86. The Moon - Bringer of Romance- by "the Fabulous works of ART", from the album "The Planets" [Thanks Celfyn!]
  87. The Moon is Down- Gentle Giant (1971)
  88. The Moon Just Turned Blue - by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  89. The Moonbeam Song- by Harry Nilsson
  90. The Same Moon- Phil Collins
  91. The Woman In The Moon - by Barbra Streisand
  92. Ticket to the Moon- Electric Light Orchestra (1981)
  93. Tubas in the Moonlight- Bonzo Dog Band (1968)
  94. Under A Glass Moon - Dream Theater
  95. Under A Raging Moon - Roger Daltry (1985)
  96. Under The Cherry Moon - Prince
  97. Virginia Moon - Foo Fighters (2005)
  98. We Went To The Moon in 1969 - By Evan Stevens
  99. Who Made The Moon - by The Little River Band
  100. Wolf Moon - Neil Young

  101. Wrong side of the moon- Squeeze
  102. Yellow Moon- Grateful Dead
  103. Yellow Moon- Neville Brothers (1989)
  104. Yuri G- PJ Harvey (A song about a girl obesessed with the moon)


Bluegrass and Country



  1. Blue Moon of Kentucky- Bill Monroe (1947)
  2. Beach House on the Moon by Jimmy Buffett
  3. Caribbean Moon by Jerry Jeff Walker
  4. Everlasting Moon by Jimmy Buffett
  5. Havana Moon by Two Tuns of Steel
  6. Honky Tonk Moon by Randy Travis
  7. How Light the Moon- Bill Monroe
  8. I Don't Know a Thing About Love (The Moon Song) - Conway Twitty (#1 Country Music song 1984)
  9. Kentucky Moon- Neil Diamond
  10. Moon Child by Jerry Jeff Walker
  11. Moon Over Kentucky Jim Mankey and Ron Mael
  12. Neon Moon- Brooks & Dunn
  13. Parkin' In The Moonlight - Sleepy Hall And His Collegians
  14. Slow Dancing with the Moon- Mac Davis (sung by Dolly Parton)





  1. . Alleghany Moon- - Margi Harrell

  2. Blue Samoan Moon - Meanie and Figuroa
  3. Bluebirds In The Moonlight- Dick Jurgens
  4. By the Light of the Silvery Moon- Ray Noble & Snookie Lanson
  5. Carolina Moon- Scrappy Lambert (1929)
  6. Destination Moon - by Dinah Washington (watch the video)
  7. Drifting Under A Summer Moon- Connecticut Collegians (1932)
  8. Full Moon and Empty Arms - Frank Sinatra (1945), Originally Written by Buddy Kaye and Ted Mossman
  9. Full Moon and Empty Arms -Bob Dylan (Cover 2014)
  10. Half-Moon - Words and Music by: E.M. Welton (Published by A.W. Perry's Sons of Sedalia Missouri 1934)
  11. Hanalei Moon (Hawaian music) & one of my favorite places to be - on the isle of Kaua'i
  12. In the Evening by the Moonlight - James Bland, (Sequenced by Robert Goldstick)
  13. It's Only a Paper Moon - Harold Arlen, Billy Rose, E.Y. Yip, and Harburg
  14. It's Only a Paper Moon- Originally Written by Harold Arlen, Billy Rose, E.Y. Yip; (Leon Parker Remake)
  15. Keep Sweeping The Cobwebs Off The Moon- Nick Lucas (1927)
  16. Moon of Manakoora -Loesser & Newman (sung by Dorothy Lamour in the movie Hurricane)
  17. Moon Over Miami - Copyright Leslie/Burk (1935)
  18. Moonglow- Benny Goodman
  19. Moonlight Gambler- Frankie Laine
  20. Moonlight and Roses- Raymond Paige
  21. Moonlight Bay- Words by Edward Madden. Music by Percy Wenrich (1912)
  22. Moonlight On The Mississippi- Music by: Grace LeBoy, Arranged by: Gus Kahn (1913)
  23. Moonlight Swim- Elvis Presley
  24. Old Kentucky Moonlight - Lyric by Haven Gillespie, music by Egbert Van Alstyne (1921)
  25. Old Man Moon- Hoagy Carmichael (1938)
  26. Shine on Harvest Moon- Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth (1908)
  27. Stardust On The Moon - Tommy Dorsey
  28. That Old Christmas Moon - Leon Redbone, written by Terry Waldo
  29. The Moon Is Here- Bill McCurdy and Dan A. Lanning (about 1930)
  30. The Silver Moon - J. Chadwick (1838)
  31. Wabash Moon- Kozel- Egner-Birchill-Hausen (1931)

Real Oldies

Parlor Songs About the Moon (1800's-1920's)


  1. Teasing Moon - Music by: Henry Marshall, Lyrics by: Stanley Murphy (1913)
  2. Underneath The Cotton Moon - Music by: George W. Meyer, Lyrics by: Sam M. Lewis (1913)
  3. Underneath The Mellow Moon - Wendell W. Hall (1922)



  1. East of the Sun and West of the Moon- B.Bowman (sung by Sarah Vaughan)
  2. Fly me to the Moon- Frank Sinatra
  3. In the Misty Moonlight - Jerry Wallace (1964)
  4. Moon River- Henri Mancini (1961)
  5. Moon River - Eric Clapton & Jeff Beck (Cover)
  6. Moonlight Becomes You- Johnny Mcaffee
  7. Moonlight Seranade- Glenn Miller (1939)
  8. Orchids in the Moonlight- Youmans
  9. The Moon Got In My Eyes- Bing Crosby (1937)
  10. That Old Devil Moon- E.Y. Yip, Harburg and Burton Lane(Sung by Frank Sinatra)


  1. Blue Moon- Jazz Ballad Originally Written by Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart (1934).
  2. A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder- Connee Boswell (1931)
  3. Chinese Moon -Leo Reisman (1926)
  4. How High the Moon- Les Paul & Mary Ford,1951 written by N.Hamilton and M.Lewis (sung by Gloria Gaynor)
  5. Maybe It's The Moon- Gene Austin & His Orchestra (1931)
  6. Moon Mist- Duke Ellington
  7. Moonlight In Vermont- Blackburn & Seussdorf
  8. Quiet As The Moon - Dave Brubeck

Smooth J azz

  1. Moon Shadow - Patti LaBelle
  2. Moon Tune- David Sanborn and Bob James
  3. Tequila Moon - Jessy J (smooth jazz)


New Age

  1. At the Feet of the Moon - The The Parachute Club (1984)
  2. Dancing On A White Moon - Tangerine Dream (1987) from the soundtrack "Shy People"
  3. Down to the Moon- Andreas Vollenweider
  4. Early Moon and Firelight- Carol Nethen
  5. Full Moon- Kitaro
  6. Lullaby For Two Moons - David Bryan (from the albumn On a Full Moon)
  7. Midnight Howl- Robin Bullock
  8. Midnight Moon - Paul Hardcastle
  9. Midnight On A Full Moon- Mannheim Steamroller
  10. Moon- George Winston
  11. Mondtanz - Blackmore's Night
  12. Moondance- Kitaro
  13. Moondance- Puck Fair
  14. Moon And The Sky - Erasure
  15. Moon Cradle- Lorenna McKennitt
  16. Moon Dance- Andreas Vollenweider
  17. Moon Dreams - Miles Davis
  18. Moon Dust- Tom Barabas
  19. Moonlight Shadow- Mike Oldfield
  20. Moonlight, Wrapped Around Us - Andreas Vollenweider
  21. On A Full Moon - David Bryan (from the albumn On a Full Moon)
  22. Paris Moon - Blackmore's Night
  23. Penumbra Moon - Justin Hayward
  24. Reflected Moon - Paul Horn
  25. Shadow of the Moon - Blackmore's Night
  26. Shy Moon - Caetano Veleso
  27. Silver moon by David Sylvian and Japan (from the album "Gone to Earth" - 1986, a beautiful, artistic and haunting song)
  28. Sorrows Of The Moon - by Celtic Frost
  29. Teahouse Moon - Enya (Irish musician)
  30. The Moon at Noon - W.A. Mathieu
  31. The Snake and the Moon - Dead Can Dance
  32. Under a Violet Moon- Blackmore's Night

  33. Under the Moon - Michael D. Walthius
  34. Water Moon- Andreas Vollenweider
  35. White Moon - Kuzmin Vladimir (Russian Musician)"


Gothic / Punk Rock

  1. Full Moon Madness- Moonspell
  2. Moonage Daydream- David Bowie (Originally released under the pseudonym Arnold Corns)
  3. Moonlight Lady - Iggy Pop
  4. Tahitian Moon- Porno for Pyros



  1. Moonbeams - Carl Davis (Composed to be played with the silent movie Broken Blossums)
  2. Neath the Southern Moon - From Naughty Marietta
  3. Song to the Moon - Antonin Dvorak (from the opera "Rusalka")
  4. The Moon and I - Gilbert and Sullivan


Childrens (Big and Small)



  1. Catch The Moon - by Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell

  2. Dreamy Moon - Walter Smith (Waltz - Lullaby).
  3. I Don't Want to Live On The Moon - Sesame Street
  4. Jump My Way To The Moon by Canadian Songwriter Penny Will
  5. Moon Phases Song Video - by Mr. Parr for his sixth grade science students
  6. Over the Moon and Far Away- Lullaby - 1986 Sarina Jansson, Arrangement by John Mills-Cockell.



"The moon is out to-night, love,
Meet me with a smile."


  1. Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do) - by Christopher Cross, from Dudley Moore's hit movie, "Arthur"   1981. The song starts When you get lost between the moon and New York City

  2. Dancing On The Moon (With You In My Arms) - original music by Murray Mencher & Charles (Charlie) Tobias, July 21, 1935 for the "Color Classic" sci-fi themed cartoon by Dave and Max Fleischer of Dave Fleischer Studios. In this musical cartoon various animal newlyweds take a rocket ship excursion to the moon, where they dance the night away to "Dancing on the Moon (With You In My Arms)."
  3. Memories in the Moonlight - from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "Cats"
  4. Moonfall - Rupert Holmes (Musical)
  5. Moonlight Lady - by The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band [Can I say more] (watch the video)
  6. Moon Pie - Bill Kuykendall (1996 Blues song)
  7. Luna Purgare are Spiritus Nostri loco ("Moon Purges the Crazy Spirits"). A Gregorian chant

    by songwriting team Faubius and Faubius
  8. Moon Raker- Song from the James Bond Movie, "Moon Raker"
  9. Moonlight Rag- Great Ragtime Music, by Henry Lodge (1913)
  10. Once in A Blue Moon - by Sydney Forest from the movie Simply Irresistible
  11. Pink Moon - by Nick Drake
  12. Sailor Moon Theme Song- From the Japanese Comic Strip Series "Sailor Moon"
  13. Sun and Moon- From the play "Miss Saigon" (Music by Claude Michel Schonburg, Lyrics by Richard Maltby Jr. and Alain Boublil)
  14. The Moon Mirrored in Spring- Beautiful Chinese Song by Yu Lina
  15. Twas in the Moon of Winter Time - Music by Huron, (A French Canadian Carol)

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