The Black Hole

Or, what happens to e-mail IF....

I LOVE to talk about Astronomy and telescopes, but lately I have been buried with e-mail; talk about being a victim of your own success...! Anyway, I am more than willing to chat. BUT...due to the sheer volume of mail I get, there are some things I must ask of you first:

  1. If you are writing with a question, please make sure you have read the FAQ first! (Believe it or not, I get questions all the time that are answered on the index page of this site, much less the FAQ....) The Black Hole will swallow all questions answered in the FAQ.

  2. If you are writing to tell me, through endless e-mail exchanges, the demerits of a home-brew telescope in comparison to the wonder and the glory that is your purchased telescope, just forget it. This sort of thing will get your message consigned to the region inside the event horizon in a millisecond.

  3. I do not believe that aliens are among us and are using us for breath freshners. If you have a mind capable of believing this, see alt.aliens.doughnuts.pliers, or some such conspiracy nut case newsgroup.

Sooo, having said all this, E-mail me...I'll be happy to hear from you!


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