1934 Philco Model 507L "Six-Legger"

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The six-legged radio craze lasted from 1933 until 1935. Ads shrieked, "Now, the radio America said it wanted: Six legs!" I suppose it helped ground the set better...

God, this thing is heavy! Getting it home from the antique shop ( I know, I robbed him) was an interesting affair: The only car I had at the time was a little Nissan Sentra, and I couldn't take the time to find a truck...I was afraid the guy would find out what it really was and cancel the deal! We tried getting it into the back seat, all 150 pounds of it...no way. Just then a wandering drunk stopped, looked at us struggling with a bleary eye, and said, "Hey, y'know, I'm just a drunk, but I used to be a mover...yeah! Now, (urp!) what youse guys need to do is take out the back seat, put that thing in the back of the car, and put the back seat in the trunk! (hic!)" I looked at him, the car, my helper, and said, "You know, he's right." The drunk nodded his assent, and, filled with the pride of having contributed to the world's good, staggered off down the street.

And that's how the car looked when I picked my wife up from work. Gee, wasn't she surprised.

It's a gorgeous set. This thing comes with everything but coffee and doughnuts. The lid flips up to reveal an all-wave receiver AND a phono! Two little cups hold steel needles...one for used and one for new. (A steel needle is good for about 5 records.)

By the way, my wife didn't help me up the stairs with it...

General Specifications
Design TypeTuning RangeNumber of TubesWeightPower ConsumptionOriginal Selling PricePermanent Collection
Superhet .540-12001 Khz 8 150 Pounds 125 Watts (approx) unknown Yes

Tube Complement and Types
RectifierRF StageMixerOscillatorIF AmpAudio Stages
80 78 6A7 6A7 (same tube) 78 75 (1) 42 (3)

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