1934 Philco Model 84B "Cathedral"

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Well, I suppose that everyone just has to have a Cathedral radio...I think it's mandatory by now. Actually, these sets were the darlings of the depression because they were so cheap (many of them) to make; instead of paying a cabinet maker's operation to construct a box with four sides, all you had to do was fabricate the faceplate, then bend a piece of plywood over in a 180 degree arc, glue it all together, and presto, your Cathedral set is done.

This set has always hummed, and not because it didn't know the words! Philco was struggling to survive in the depression (the first one), and if it could save by not putting a humbucker coil in the thing, it would do so. Strip the chassis of everything not necessary to recieve a local AM station, and you had this little guy that everyone (almost) could afford.

When all was said and done, it made the trip.

General Specifications
Design TypeTuning RangeNumber of TubesWeightPower ConsumptionOriginal Selling PricePermanent Collection
Superhet with Regen .540-1600 Khz 4 15 Pounds 43 Watts unknown Yes

Tube Complement and Types
RectifierMixer-Oscillator-IF AmpDetectorAudio Stage
80 77 77 42

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