Informative Books about Vintage Radio

Suggested Reading

"On the Air : The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio" by John Tune
"Guide to Old Radios"
by David Johnson, Betty S. Johnson
This is THE book that started me collecting!
The Ultimate beginner book!

"Philco Radio : 1928-1942 : A Pictorial History of the World's Most Popular Radios"
by Ramierez and Prosise
"The Zenith Trans-Oceanic, the Royalty of Radios"
by Bryant and Cones
"Behind the Front Panel : The Design & Development of 1920's Radios" by David Rutland
"Collector's Guide to Antique Radios : Identification & Values" by Marty and Sue Bunis
"Radios by Hallicrafters : With Price Guide" by Chuck Dachis
"Shortwave Receivers Past & Present : Communications Receivers 1942-1997" by Fred Osterman

AND, if you can find it, get the award winning video by PBS, "Empire of the Air"-this tells it all! Who really invented what, who did what to whom, the villans, the heroes, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the real skunks. This is unquestionably the best documentary on early radio ever filmed!

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