Published Credits (Radio)

Periodical Publications 1989-Present
(Sale and/or Pub Dates)

  • "Those Wonderful Vintge Radio Dials" -Historical- December 2011,
    Grove Publications

  • "Restoring Vintage Broadcast and Shortwave Sets" -Overview- Cover Story,
    July 2011 Monitoring Times

  • "Howard Hughes-Ham Radio Operator" -Bio/Historical- Grove
    Publications-Aug 2011

  • "Powel Crosley-the Baron of Homespun"- Bio/Historical- Grove
    Publications-May 1996

  • "Restoring a Vintage Radio" -how-to- Popular Electronics, February 1996

  • "The Rediscovery of Nicola Tesla"- biography- Grove Publications, June 1992

  • "The Fascination of Vintage Radio"- General Interest/Historical- Grove
    Publications, March 1990

  • "The Hallicrafters Company and the SX-28"- Historical/General interest- Grove
    Publications, January 1994

  • "A Two-Pound, Field-Portable VHF Two-Meter Quad Antenna"-
    Construction/Theory- Gernsback Publications (Feature Article, Radio-Electronics
    Magazine), November, 1990

  • "A Foolproof Surge Protector and Inrush Limiter"- Construction/Theory-
    Grove Publications, June 1990

  • "A Low-Cost QRP Antenna Tuner"- Construction/Theory-
    Gernsback Publications, October 1989

  • "Dummy Load Antennas"- Construction/Theory- Gernsback Publications
    (Feature Article: Electronics Now), November 1993

  • "Restoring a Vintage Radio"- Practical/Hands-on/Theory- Gernsback
    Publications (Feature Article: Popular Electronics Magazine), April 1990

  • "The Zenith Company and the Zenith Transoceanic"- Historical/General interest-
    Grove Publications- January 1994

  • "McMurdo Silver-A Radio Enigma"- Biographical- Grove Publications,
    December 1993

  • "A Beginner's Guide to Vintage Radio"- -Overview- Grove Publications- January 1994

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