AM Broadcast Band DX

The Big 50KW Powerhouses

There's more to AM than Talk Radio;
Try a little bit of night-time AM DX'ing to vary your AM radio diet!

Call LettersFrequency in KhzLocationProgramming
KFI 640 Los Angeles CA Talk Radio (oh, well)
KFMB 760 San Diego CA Varied
KBOI 670 Boise, ID Late 60's-early 70's top 40
KTWN 660 Window Rock, AZ Country-Western, Navajo
KCBS 740 San Francisco, CA News, 24H
KOA 850 Denver, CO News-Talk-Sports
KOMO 1000 Seattle, WA Varied
WHAS 840 Louisville, KY Varied
WLW 700 Cincinnati, OH Varied
WRVA 1140 Richmond, VA Varied
WWL 870 New Orleans, LA Varied
WJR 760 Detroit, MI Varied
KSL 1160 Salt Lake City, UT Varied
WBAP 820 Dallas TX Midnight Trucking Network, C&W, varied
KGO 810 San Francisco CA News, Talk
KDXY 890 St. George, UT Varied
WLS 890 Chicago, IL News, Talk

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