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Alexander Graham BellWilbur & Orville WrightGuglielmo MarconiGabriel Daniel FarenheitHenry FordJoseph Guillotin
Yelling (1867) Very Light Locomotive (1901) Talking Mice in a Box (1887) Miniature Hiney Flagpole (1716) Gasoline Powered Horse (1890) Venetian Blinds of Death (1785)
Very Long Megaphone (1869) Comfortable Cannon Ball (1899) Long Distance Ventriloquism (1900) Large Glass Toothpick (1713) Ratless Carraige (1895) "Gag" Peephole (1780)
Wires held Up By Long Poles (1871) Bicycle Built for 260 (1905) Electronic Finger Shortener (1898) Exploding Mercury Ball (1710) Live Crash Dummies (1906) Unwieldy Hedge Trimmer (1788)
"Pretend" Telephone (1874) Hamsterless Glider (1904) Noisy Box With Knobs (1889) Burnt Roast Indicator (1709) Hand-Dirtying Apparatus (1900) Blood Sprinkling System
Cordless Hat (1875) All-In-One Drill Sargent and Stewardess (1919) Cordless Hair Burner (1902) Weather Service Job-For-Life (1700) "Gag" "Helpful" Auto Club (1920) Dangerous Cigar Trimmer (1784)

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