1940 Zenith Model 10-S-464

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Well, everyone has to have a Zenith or two, I guess! It's almost a requirement. This one came to me in a very odd fashion: I had been scheming on one a fellow had in a state 2500 miles from me, but the thing that put me off was the hellacious freight charge out to Califonia. "Well," I thought sadly, "maybe someday I'll find one closer..." To take my mind off my disappointment I jumped in my car and headed out to the coast for a drive.

As I cruised up the coast highway 20 minutes later, I noticed an antique dealer by the side of the road who had put some of his wares out on the sidewalk. As I whizzed past, I stared in disbelief as I saw the same radio I had been thinking of buying. With a tip of the hat to Dr. Jung's Principle of Synchronicity, I managed to avoid hitting trees, cars, and pedestrians as I swooped in, parked, and threw money at the owner. (I think he was a little put out I didn't bargain with him.) I managed to get this thing into a 1983 Nissan Sentra, by the way, and carted it all the way home, firmly convinced that this set was fated to be mine!

It's hard to beat a Zenith for either looks or audio, and this one has plenty of both. McDonald and Company put all the money into those two things. (For engineering, give me a Philco; for looks and audio, Zenith.) The set comes complete with a 6U5 "Magic Eye" tube, rotatble MW loop, a 2-lb flywheel on the tuning shaft, six electronic (L-C) station presets and a umpty-ump position tone control for the fussiest audiophile. The bass response puts my stereo to shame.

It's a real lease-breaker!

General Specifications
Design TypeTuning RangeNumber of TubesWeightPower ConsumptionOriginal Selling PricePermanent Collection
Superhet .540-18Mhz Ten 65 Pounds 110 Watts unknown Yes

Tube Complement and Types
RectifierRF StageMixer/Osc.IF AmpDetectorAudio StagesOther Tubes
6X5/GT (2) 1232 6A8/G 6K7/G 6Q7/G 6J5/G (1), 6V6/G (2) 6U5 ("Magic Eye")

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