Old Time Jazz Music and Shortwave Radio Audio Library

Ever despair of the type of music coming out of your nice, old, AM radio? News, traffic, weather, talk, sports and the like are all very fine, but unless you live within range of a station that plays vintage tunes (and those stations are getting rarer), it can be somewhat limiting. Sometimes it's nice to be able to hear old-time music through an old-time radio! Happily, we have been collecting old jazz songs and recordings of Shortwave stations for the past 30 years, and can make them available as CD's, or .mp3 files ripped at 128 kbps. With the proper "Part 15" rebroadcaster kit below, you can now hear old-time radio sounds directly through your old-time radio! (Even without such a device, these resources are fun to enjoy any old way.)

Below are the catalogs of libraries we have, by type, date and performer/group, in Adobe .PDF Acrobat format. Please note: Each jazz "section", with it's "A" and "B" sides, is sold on it's own as a volume for $30 each:

Library 1: Old Time Jazz and Ragtime, 1902-1939

Library 2: The Sounds of Shortwave Broadcast Radio, 1981-1988 (approx 100 countries)

Please note that each station taping session from the Shortwave Library is of varying length, and is priced at $15 each; generally speaking, we tried to get 30 minutes on each transmission, but some are shorter due to fadeouts, interference, etc. Discounts are available for 5 or more sessions.

Part 15 Broadcaster Kit

Hear old-time tunes through your old-time radio! Works with any any audio source!
We have built and used this unit for a few years now, and can attest to it's quality and performance.
For those of you who cannot assemble the unit themselves, we can do it for you for a fee.

Click on the radio to go to www.sstran.com. for kit info.


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