Samples of Unsolicited Testimonials
  • "You will always be able to count on me for good press. It was a pleasure to work with you. It is very obvious that you love your job and you are a true expert in your field." -T.C., Boca Raton, FL

  • "Got the radio unpacked...hooked up the was great to hear the radio play again, and the chassis looks great. I appreciate the effort you put into it, and the quality work that you did." -F.F., Napierville, IL

  • "Hi Lin, The 7G (Zenith Bomber set) came in yesterday. It looks GREAT!! You did a wonderful job on the set. Thanks for the effort. I had some people over last night and they really could not believe it was that old." -G.H., Heath, TX

  • "I wanted to let you know that we got our old Philco home and everything seems to be fine. Thank you again for everything." -D.H., Yucaipa, CA

  • "...Radio still works great, by the way. I drove down from the Torrance area. I was positively amazed by your collection, and never forgot it."
    -B.B., Torrance, CA

  • "The radio arrived this afternoon. Looks great. Thanks for a great job!" W.O., Bakersfield, CA

  • "Lin: Thank you so much for your efforts and, especially, your judgement." -M.S., San Diego, CA

  • "Lin, as I've said at least 42 times before, I truly admire your professionalism." -D.T., Clinton, SC

  • "Some years back you did a beautiful job restoring a early 1940s Zenith console for me. I'm happy to report that it is still functioning as good as new. It tends to stop a lot of traffic as people enter my office." -B.L., Los Angeles, CA

  • "Just wanted to Thank You for the great job. I got home at 12:30 AM, unloaded the radio, had it playing in the front room before 1:00 AM. It looks great and sounds great, also." -J.O., Las Vegas, NV

  • "The set arrived alive! It works and looks great. I will have to set up a new antenna to see how good it really is but I'm satisfied. Good job!" -B.G., King, SC

  • "Lin, thanks for all your efforts on the Troy set, it looks great." D.G., Newport Beach, CA

  • "Thanks to you and your crew. Please let them know I am happy with the results of their work....please seize the opportunity teach your craft to anyone who expresses a true desire to learn it, and especially to anyone who exhibits a talent for it. I believe it is in our future's best interest to preserve the remaining pieces of our past." T.M., Miami, FL

  • " brother and his family listened to the radio the first evening and truly enjoyed every moment - thanks for doing such a wondrful, complete and professional restoration." -T.Q. Lake Forest, CA

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