Oldest Science Fiction Moon Stories

  • The Somnium or "The Dream"
    Written by Johannes Kepler, between 1615 and 1629
    Kepler tried to make the rotation of the Earth plausible at a time when the Earth was believed to stand still. He imagined a journey to the Moon where space travelers standing on the lunar surface could observe the Earth rotate slowly in the sky above them.

  • A Voyage to the Moon.
    Written by George Tucker, 1775-1861. First published in 1827. Reprinted by E. Bliss, 1975, Boston: Gregg Press, (new preface by David G. Hartwell).

  • The Moon Hoax: (A Discovery that the Moon Has a Vast
    Population of Human Beings.)
    Written by Richard Adams Locke, 1800-1871.
    Reprinted 1975- Boston: Gregg Press, (new introduction by Ormond Seavey).

  • From the Earth to the Moon. Jules Verne, 1865.
    You can read the full text of the online version here

  • The Conquest of the Moon; A Story of the Bayouda.
    New York: Arno Press; 1875.

  • The First Men in the Moon. Herbert George Wells.
    London: Newnes, 1901.

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