Believe it or not, this telescope was built almost entirely (90%) in an apartment! And, for a city boy who never went out in the garage to help Dad/Ward Cleaver make wooden thingies in the workshop, it was a formidable challenge! I am a very dangerous man with a power drill...but I digress! This site is designed to prove that anyone of average means does NOT have to spend thousands of dollars on expensive, store-bought optical gear to possess a high-grade instrument. When all was said and done, we had a 8" F/6 instrument that met or exceeded every expectation! The cost in time and labor? About $395, and 62 hours of work.

You can do it too!

This little site is designed to show what is's not a plan, nor a "how-to" in the strictest sense of the word; it's designed to inspire, encourage, and amuse...yes, you'll need a sense of humor! Perhaps you too, one day will say:

"I built my own Dobsonian!!"

Take the tour; see how it's done!

What can this 'scope see?

Field Set-Up: The Movie!

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15 years later...

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Photo Credits: Above, left, detail of M33
On right, the Cartwheel Galaxy, both Hubble Telescope