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Welcome to American Radio Research's Web page. We provide research on all matters relating to Vintage Radio, be it in the military, commercial, amateur or educational sectors from the spark gap era to approximately 1970. Our rates are very reasonable, and we offer a wide variety of services. Please browse the site at your leisure, and acquaint yourself with our rates, services and qualifications. Drop us some e-mail (see below) if you have any questions! (But please keep email attachemts under 5MB!)

  • Basic Rate for general research: $80.00/hr (Billed in minutes, no minimum.)

  • Written Appraisal/Opinion of Worth of vintage radio sets, equipment, radio ephemera, objects d'art etc: $49. (See note!)

  • Complete Factoid on your vintage radio set, vinyl covered, comb bound: $79
    • Schematic
    • History of manufacturer
    • Written appraisal
    • Approximate date of manufacture
    • Number of sets made (if data is available)
    • Any ancillary or interesting information on the set, etc.
(NOTE: A written appraisal requires recent, complete, clear photographs of the radio in question as well as descriptive information, such as wether the set is working or not, refinished or not, cabinet condition, etc. etc.) The photos should consist of at least four views: front, back, and both sides. We do not buy or sell radios.

And please, before sending any pics via email, please drop us a line first! :)

Vintage Article of the Month

Every so often, we try and take an excerpt from "Radio" magazine's interesting columns for a certain month and year. This time it's a column on tube life from November, 1940! Just click on the Acrobat icon below; You'd be surprised to learn that used tube of yours may have more life left in it than you think!

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Titles Now Available on CD:
Beitman's "Most Often Needed Radio Diagrams, 1926-1938"
"Ryders Receiving Tube Substitution Handbook"
"1940 RCA Receiving Tube Manual"
September 1938 edition of "Radio Craft"!
July 1933 edition of "Radio"!
Vintage Audio Library:

Libraries Now Available:
The Stations, Calls, and Sounds of Shortwave Broadcast, 1980-1990
Old Time Jazz Music, 1902-1939


Lin Robertson has been actively involved in radio communications since 1967, when, at the age of 16, he received his first radio, a Hallicrafters SX-130 shortwave set. Mr. Robertson went to work over the next two decades in the electronics industry as well as in academic circles as an electronics technician, buyer, and finally as a technical writer. He then opened up a vintage restoration service called American Radio Revival. He holds an Advanced Class FCC Amateur Radio License (callsign: KJ6EF), is active in local Amateur Radio affairs, lectures on Vintage Radio, and belongs to international organizations dedicated to the preservation of America's early radio heritage. A radio collector himself, Mr. Robertson has published many articles on vintage radio which appear from time to time in national magazines. He began his fascination with vintage radios in 1974, and maintains a collection of perfectly restored and perfectly functioning premium vintage sets.

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