Bringing new life to old radios!

This is the place for fine vintage radio restoration! We do it all here...the electronics, the refinishing, and the pin-point electrical alignment of your vintage set! We do not buy or sell sets, we have only one focus! We proudly offer the following:
  • Over 40 years experience in radio communications and electronics, "shop floor to top floor"!
  • Museum Quality Restoration (Not just repair, but Conservation and Restoration; There IS a difference! Click here!)
  • Myriads of sets successfully brought back to original operating specifications for your listening pleasure
  • Cabinet refinishing to original color, sheen and texture-well done sets do not look like they were dipped in plastic!
  • A personal and exacting committment to the preservation of American-Made Broadcast & Shortwave Radios*

    *(Primarily 1922-1940, some limited practice to 1960's era tube types only-no hybrids, foreign, or transistor sets serviced.)

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    Folks, due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to suspend restoration operations indefinitely. Its been a good run of 23 years, but were having to take a sabbatical/hiatus. Our apologies to those on our waiting list; we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We dont know how long this will last, but were keeping the site open just so folks can take a look at some nice old sets. Thank all of you who have supported us all this time. We hope to be back as soon as we can. -Lin

    Summer 2017

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    Titles Now Available on CD:
    Beitman's "Most Often Needed Radio Diagrams, 1926-1938"
    "Ryders Receiving Tube Substitution Handbook"
    "1940 RCA Receiving Tube Manual"
    September 1938 edition of "Radio Craft"!
    July 1933 edition of "Radio"!
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    Libraries Now Available:
    The Stations, Calls, and Sounds of Shortwave Broadcast, 1980-1990
    Old Time Jazz Music, 1902-1939

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