Starry Night Sleeping Gypsy

The Starry Night (1989)- Vincent van Gogh / The Sleeping Gypsy (1897)- Henri Rousseau

S ince the dawn of time, traditional wisdom has passed on from sage to disciple, master to apprentice, parent to child, and friend to friend through some form of oral tradition. These teachings have preserved down through the centuries by means of either a bard or song, or through the recollection and craft of a good story teller. The oral tradition of storytelling is the essence of legends and the sum and substance of song; the written word is, in the language of reflection, but a shadow.

To songwriter and musician Cat Stevens, perhaps it is a Moonshadow. Songwriters have doted on the Moon's charms for centuries on end, from Gregorian chants and folk ballads to twentieth century jazz and pop tunes. Apart from romance, the celestial lamp is one of the most sung about themes.


This image used by permission of David Delamare.
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(David Delamare displays absolutely fabulous works of "Moon Art".)

For many artists from Vincent Van Gogh's "The Starry Night"; Henri Rousseau's "Sleeping Gypsy" and for Russian born artist Marc Chagall, art seems the perfect medium to merge imagination with the substance of life--in the language of symbolism. The sense of surreal wonderment is forever conspicuous in the paintings of Marc Chagall, as the Moon looms in some form or another through much of his art in an almost childlike and poetic fantasy. Cows are seen jumping over the moon, fiddlers are playing and Chagall's dreams take on a new reality through the eyes of his inner child. The Moon is many things to many people!


By David Delamare

This image used by permission of David Delamare.
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The works of David Delamare
David is a superb artist with lots of absolutely fabulous works of "Moon Art".

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To the Moon

Greeting to you, gem of the night!
Beauty of the skies, gem of the night!
Mother of the stars, gem of the night!
Foster-child of the sun, gem of the night!
Majesty of the stars, gem of the night!

Scottish Gaelic, traditional folk prayer

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According to Wikipidea, "Moonglow and Theme from Picnic" is a 1956-released medley of both "Moonglow" (1933) and "Theme from Picnic" (1955), by Morris Stoloff. It is from the film Picnic, starring William Holden and Kim Novak. This song is covered by George Cates in 1956, charting at number 4 on the charts. Easy Listening - Rhythmically "Moonglow" is in 4/4 time. It is a foxtrot typically played at a slow tempo,

And don't forget the Twilight Saga: New Moon.

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