Moon Stories and Tales

On-line Books and Stories (Electronic Texts)

Moonstone by Wilkie Collins (text at Gutenberg)
The Brick Moon, and Other Stories by Edward Everett Hale
Adjusting the Moon by Karawynn (1992)
Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham (text at Gutenberg)
Round the Moon by Jules Verne (text at Wiretap)
The boy who gave life to moon.. by Malin Enbom (A very nice short story)
The Moon In CyberSpace A page containing Chinese poems, proses and tales
related to the Moon and Moon Festivals (Mid-Autum, and Yuan Xiao).

Paperback Books and Stories (Non Electronic Texts)

"Oozing the Moon: A Sky and Night Woods Guide to the Galaxy" by Dennis Roth.
This is not regular astronomy but it is based on careful observation - the viewing of the moon and other celestial bodies using the leaves, branches, and trunks of the forest as light transformers and evokers of "The Music of the Spheres".

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