The boy who gave life to moon..

By Malin Enbom (Stockholm Sweden)
dedicated to "Simone Consolazione"


Once upon a time there was a boy who often went out to walk alone. Sad and lonely he tried to walk along every path. Maybe the friend of happiness would take his hand and walk beside him one day. His tears made every flower want to bloom and reach towards his warm heart.

Mother Sun who had been following him felt a deep pain over his sadness because she loved him as her own son. One day she decided to pick all of heavens stars for turning them into a long shiny stair. She wanted to take him in her arms and kiss away all his sorrow. One night she woke up the boy and told him to walk upon the stairs of the stars. When he was so high up in the sky that the dark night was the only thing that surrounded him Mother Sun took him in her arms and kissed him sweetly. Mother Sun knew that she had to bring him back down to earth but before she let him go she gave the boy the name of Moon. And then she took out one half of her own heart to create heaven's moon which would for all time remind her about the boy...

© -Malin Enbom

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