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Vintage Book CD Library

Titles Now Available on CD:

Beitman's "Most Often Needed Radio Diagrams, 1926-1938"
"1940 RCA Receiving Tube Manual"
"Ryder's 1962 Receiving Tube Substitution Guidebook"
"July 1938 edition of "Radio Craft" (Color+B&W)
"September 1933 edition of "Radio" (Color+B&W)

History Buff Section

Click on the mike to find out who really "Invented" (aha!) Radio...

Radio Collectors Section

Click on the mike to take a tour of a few things in my collection.

The Ethics of Collecting (101) Why do I do what I do? Are all collectors mad?

The Ethics of Collecting (102) A Rationale and Plan for Sane (sort of) Living.

Healthy Radio Tips - Because they need care and understanding!

Antenna Tips - You need a good "skyhook"!

Need some professional restoration done? Try American Radio Revival!

Need some professional research done? Try American Radio Research!

DX Department
Tired of the same old AM? Try listening for far-away stations (Domestic US).

Techno-Humor Department
Click on the mike to find out who really "Invented" some other stuff...

Can you guess our Radio"Mystery Sound?" Drop us some mail with a guess!

Scribbling Disease Department

A listing of my published credits on the subject of radio and communications...

Vintage Radio Bookstore
Check out these informative books on the subject of Vintage you can buy them on-line!

The Vintage Broadcasting System

A short "Old-time Radio" program with radio tips, and some nice old music!
Click here to listen to VBS!

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Interested in Pre-Radio Technology? This is the place.

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